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Profile photo of a State Farm Agent named: Daniel Tamargo

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State Farm® Insurance Agent

Daniel Tamargo

3175 S State Road 7
Suite 200
Wellington, FL 33449-8098

In the Vision Source building across from Renaissance Charter School at Wellington.

Profile photo of a State Farm Agent named: Daniel Tamargo

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9am - 5pm
Call or text us 24 hours a day!

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3175 S State Road 7
Suite 200
Wellington, FL 33449-8098


English, Spanish, Creole

Have you recently reviewed your Life Insurance policy? It's important to consider life events such as having a baby, getting married, divorced, or experiencing the loss of a loved one, as these can impact your insurance protection needs. At our agency, we believe in having straightforward conversations that help you identify any gaps in your coverage and plan accordingly for your specific future. Feel free to reach out to our office via call or text using the number provided above, and let us help you ensure that your life is well-protected.

Welcome to the office of Dan Tamargo, a State Farm Insurance Agent located in Wellington, FL, serving Central Palm Beach County. Our agency also provides services to nearby cities such as Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Acreage, Lake Worth, Lantana, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, and Greenacres.

As a native of Florida, I understand the unique needs of our customers in this area. I am here to assist you in determining your auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance requirements.


  • BA from Florida Atlantic University

  • Ambassadors for Life Qualifier

  • Crystal Excellence Honor Qualifier

  • President Club Qualifier

  • State Farm Agent since 2017

Insurance Products Offered

Auto, Homeowners, Condo, Renters, Personal Articles, Business, Life, Health

Other Products

Banking, Mutual Funds

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Our mission is to provide help for current State Farm customers and prospects for their insurance needs. Building strong relationships with customers by getting to know them personally is a huge asset for us. Our team provides remarkable customer service through the use of policy reviews. This process allows our office to provide the right products to fit the customer's needs. We work diligently to be well respected by customers and our community. Along with that, this team loves to volunteer our time and resources to make our community better! We truly care about you and your individual needs!

Some of the lines of insurance we can assist with range from:

  • Auto

  • Home

  • Life

  • Business

  • Financial Services and more!

Feel free to contact our office or drop by for any questions or assistance!

My exceptional team at DanTamargo State Farm in Wellington plays a vital role in my success, and I am extremely grateful for their incredible support. Their varied talents, commitment, and collaborative nature create an atmosphere where innovation flourishes, and objectives are exceeded. We cultivate a culture of esteem and camaraderie, promoting personal development and collective accomplishments.

Together, we form a powerful entity, converting obstacles into opportunities for a brighter future. Feel free to inquire about the various ways we can assist you with:

  • Automobile Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Business Insurance and more

We eagerly anticipate meeting you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us or visit our office today!


Jessica Vega

Account Manager

Jessica is an adventurous soul with a deep love for exploring the world. Traveling is not just a hobby for her, but a way to broaden her horizons and embrace new experiences. Whether it's wandering through bustling city streets or immersing herself in the tranquility of nature, Jessica finds inspiration and joy in the diverse landscapes and cultures she encounters.

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With her adventurous spirit, deep appreciation for family bonds, and thirst for knowledge, Jessica is a well-rounded individual who embraces life's varied experiences. Her love for travel, dedication to her family, and passion for reading shape her into a person who is both open-minded and grounded, always seeking growth and connection.


Monica Chavez

Account Representative

Monica is a dynamic individual who finds joy in various aspects of life. When she's not busy assisting customers, you can often find her indulging in her passion for horse riding, gracefully maneuvering through the open fields. She also cherishes quality time spent with her daughter, creating memories and building a strong bond.

One of Monica's guilty pleasures is indulging in delicious ice cream, savoring every creamy scoop as a delightful treat. However, what truly brings her fulfillment is the opportunity to help customers. Monica takes great pleasure in providing valuable assistance, offering guidance and support to ensure their needs are met.

With her diverse interests and genuine dedication, Monica strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others, both personally and professionally.


Shaan Chowdhury

Account Manager

Shaan is an individual who finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of music, nature, travel, and good food. As an avid music lover, he often immerses himself in the melodies that resonate with his soul, finding comfort and joy in the power of sound.

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Victor Rodriguez

Account Manager

Victor is an individual with an insatiable wanderlust and a deep curiosity for the world. Traveling is not just a hobby for him, but a way of life. He thrives on exploring new destinations, immersing himself in different cultures, and expanding his understanding of the world.

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With his adventurous spirit and genuine curiosity, Victor is always ready to embark on new journeys and embrace the unknown. His open-mindedness and eagerness to learn make him a captivating companion, as he continuously seeks to broaden his horizons and foster a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of our world.

Jenifer Oduardo State Farm Agent Team Member

Jenifer Oduardo

Customer Service Manager

Jenny is a vibrant individual who thrives in the world of music and movement. Singing and dancing are not just hobbies for her, but a true expression of her spirit. Whether she's belting out a powerful melody or gracefully gliding across the dance floor, Jenny finds pure joy in these art forms.

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With her passion for singing and dancing, commitment to fitness, and dedication to community service, Jenny embodies a spirit of creativity, wellness, and compassion. Her infectious energy and genuine desire to uplift others make her a valued member of any community she touches.


Zachary Francilus

Account Manager